Fine Art Transport

Maxtrans has been established since the 1970's and provides professional and specialised art and antique handling and shipping services as well as storage solutions.

Maxtrans fleet of trucks

Who carries your load?

We offer a flexible tailored service which enables us to be competitive, so whether your job is simple or complex you can relax knowing that your artwork is in safe hands.

Our dedicated and expert team, manage and co-ordinate logistics including any packing, crating and installation requirements. Our storage has been thought out specifically with works of art and antiques in mind, providing care and peace of mind for artists, dealers, collectors, galleries, auction houses and museums.

Forklift taking out large piece of artwork from truck


Real transport logistics requires care and knowledge to handle your specific needs and be able to offer comprehensive services to suit all budgets.

1 man packaging fine art on the floor


We take care of all packing requests whether it's packing for export, art, antiques, gallery, museum, fine art or antique packing, we can handle it with expert care.

Silver artwork in the centre of open walkway


We take care of gallery installations, museums, private installations, commercial and exhibition installations for art fairs throughout London and internationally.

Art transport services in London & Internationally

In the early 1990’s Ian Webster our managing Director came with new ideas and advances. Bringing planning and scheduling skills, he assisted in creating a niche in cost effective art transport.


From our modest beginnings in the 1970's transiting for names like Sotheby's, Christies, Bonham's and also Phillips, Auktionsverk and Bukowskis, we gained the reputation of transporter of fine art. With the auction items to and from Scandinavia, Maxtrans grew to be the cornerstone in Nordic / London art transport.

Maxtrans London grew with the Brit-art movement and built its reputation from moving contemporary art where it has continued to be a recognised name.

Why choose Maxtrans London?

We are enthusiastic about finding new resolutions to the constantly changing requirements within the art world.
Maxtrans is committed to planned and continuous investment in our processes, personnel, facilities, equipment and vehicle fleet.
Our aim is to understand all of our clients day to day needs so that we can rise to meet them and ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction so peace of mind is achieved.