Private and commercial installation

We take care of gallery installations, museums, private, commercial, exhibition installations and art fairs throughout London and internationally.

maxtrans metal tins art piece

The rule of the final millimetre

Whether a single painting in your home or a full exhibition hung at an art fair, our team of devoted and caring professionals will guarantee you have a successful installation.
Our well turned out, polite, patient and friendly staff have the expertise to professionally handle and install anything from large complicated sculptures to the most delicate of objects.
We understand that the parameters of a professional install can change rapidly so we work closely with our clients listening to their requirements, ideas and intentions and respond quickly, staying until the job is adjusted to the nearest millimeter when others would be happy leaving it to the nearest inch.

Private & Commercial Installations

For the more complex assignments we will arrange a site visit and implement risk analysis, health & safety policies and insurance as required. Whilst planning we will communicate with you at every stage so that you know what to expect at the next step.
The use of specialised equipment and fabrication may be needed, including gantries or cranes for heavy lifts.
Outside of normal working hours, weekends can be covered to cater for your needs, including travelling abroad where necessary.
From corporate offices, schools, hotels and restaurants to exhibitions and shows that run to time restrictions, tell us your needs and concerns and allow us to pull it together for you.